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2″W x 3″H Easel – Acrylic



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  • Ideal for displaying serving trays, plates, tiles, artwork, framed photos, and much more

  • Lightweight and compact for easy storage and mobility

  • Promote point of purchase sales and increase visibility

  • These stands are hard, crystal clear and smooth to the touch

  • These stands provide a sturdy base

Product Details

Weight 0.04 lbs

2"W x 3"H

These injection molded acrylic results in a product that is hard, crystal clear, and smooth to the touch. These stands provide a sturdy base that is perfect for a large variety of collectibles and display items.These Acrylic Display Stands work great for Displaying all Types of Collectibles such as; Challenge Coins & Medals, Coin Slabs, Air-Tite Coin Capsule Holders, Military or Challenge Medals, Minerals, Fossils, Match Books, Gems, Police & Fire Badges, Political Buttons, Pocket Watches, Pocket Knives, Post Cards, CD’s, Sports Cards, Knives, Butter Plates and much more.

Easel- Clear; 2″(W) x 3″(H)

Weight 0.04 lbs

2"W x 3"H


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